My Boss Referred Me to a Chiropractor

Working in an office for most of my life has caused me to have major back issues. I sit in front of a computer for many hours, and it’s difficult for me to remember to get up and take stretch breaks when I get into a groove and I’m being productive. Because of this, my posture and overall back health has been deteriorating over time. I spoke with my boss, who referred me to a chiropractor in Peoria for treatment. The entire referral process was easier than I thought it would be, so I’m very happy in my decision to speak to someone at work.

After I was given the referral, I took the contact information I was given and scheduled an appointment. The person who answered the phone asked me a few questions, including my name, phone number, and reason for scheduling the appointment. I basically told her the same thing that I mentioned earlier. Continue reading

How Do You Pick a Safe Chiropractor?

I have been trying to figure out how to pick a chiropractor ever since I realized that this was the best option to fix my back problems. You can go to see a doctor, but there is not really too much that they can do. In the end they just end up offering to give you pain pills. Obviously that does nothing to solve the problem, but how do you figure out what sort of chiropractor to get. You can do a lot of research, but unless you go to see a Beverly Hills chiropractor there does not seem to be much way to see how one of them is any better than the others. Of course the one in Beverly Hills is going to be paying a lot more rent than the one in La Brea or Compton. You would probably guess that he could not afford to do that if he was bad at the job, but perhaps he is a rich playboy who inherited a ton of money. Continue reading