What are Urticaria Hives and Angioedema and how to get rid of Them

One of the many issues that can affect the skin tissue of humans is that of urticarial hives. This is sometimes linked to angioedema, and effects up to 20% of the global population. The issue is a topical problem but there are problems with the nerve endings that also manifest and cause serious issues. Overall hives of this nature usually burn, sting, and cause a red, elevated rash across several parts of the skin. The redness can turn into scales, and can itch, and cause a serious amount of pressure to manifest in certain regions of the body. It can also cause temperatures to rise and a variety of issues to manifest as a result.

Understanding The Symptoms

There are several elements that can cause this issue, as well as angioedema. In the case of angioedema, the pressure can cause the eyelids to shut, and pressure to manifest on the face, and chest. It’s often times linked to hives and the issue that comes with that. However, it is not always the case. The symptoms that are associated with these things usually start with redness and welts across the arms and legs. However, this can move fast, and can cover the whole body. The welts are small in size, and travel in spots across the body. In some cases, there may be leakage that comes through as the blood vessels cause problems across the subcutaneous levels of the dermal tissue.

Root Causes

Root causes associated with this issue can be the result of a lot of different elements. The first can be irritation to certain foods, fabrics and more. An autoimmune disease could be a main problem, and allergies are definitely something to consider overall. Drug induced issues can be the case including those that are using and abusing certain antibiotics and psychotropic drugs. Infections due to poisonous stings, and herbal elements could also be the cause. For instance, poison ivy, and poison oak are the main dermatological elements that could cause these problems to form as well.

In the case of dermatographic urticarial, you’ll find that the welts can be a direct result of viral infections, as well as the immune system fighting back against outside stimuli. Exercise induction, water, and cold can all manifest into allergic reactions that trigger this within the body, for instance.

The Treatment Options

Treatments for this can be given topically in most cases. The main thing to consider is the root cause first. When the root cause has been determined, then proper treatments can be administered as a result. Most people will receive creams that can help with easing the pain as the elements will dissipate in time. For those that are dealing with angioedema and it’s severe, a doctor needs to be contacted immediately. There are several treatments that they prescribed. For instance, strong antihistamines can help, as well as injections, and steroids that can help alleviate the pressure. It’s important to consider a follow up visit with a specialist in order to ensure that this doesn’t keep recurring.